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Unlocking the Benefits of Stocktake

Complete Lock and Security Services Pty Limited better known as CLASS Locksmiths, started operations in 1986 serving Canberra and surrounds. The company provides locksmith services and key systems to federal, state, and local government departments and agencies, large corporations, and commercial and residential customers. Ongoing research and development, formalised staff development reviews and plans, and apprenticeships ensure CLASS are continually enhancing their capability, staying abreast of technology, constantly upgrading their skills and training the next generation of locksmiths. As the business has expanded, so has the amount of inventory. The old way of manually conducting a stocktake needed to be automated.

ASP Microcomputers Plays a Crucial Role in the ABS Census

For those of you who completed your Census form on paper on the 10th August 2021, your Census paper form was delivered to the ABS Census Data Capture Centre in the outer South East of Melbourne by Australia Post. The first step in the complex process of the Census Data Capture project was our registration […]

A Special Mix of Solutions

Specialty Mix Partners with Austlink and ASP Microcomputers to Implement a Warehouse Management and Scanning Solution for Their Jiwa Financials ERP System

Data Capture Systems: Complete Hardware and Software Solutions

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Our Solutions

Our strategy is dependent on your world and your goals. Moving towards your goals empowers us too!

Custom Solutions

ASP can advise on various business solutions including the creation of customised software or firmware.

Packaged Solutions

ASP develops a range of our own packaged software, as well as distributing software and utilities from other companies.

Industry Solutions

ASP has the design, programming and fabrication skills to help realise the potential of various technologies including barcodes.


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The Next Level!

Since 1977, we have partnered with hundreds of companies to help them reach their full potential. We believe in becoming a life partner in the ever changing landscape of Information and Communication Technology.

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168飞艇开奖网查询|168飞艇官网现场开奖直播 Additional Services We Offer

BarcodeLabels and Tags

We have the capability to supply as well as design almost any label or tag.


Our recommendations ensures rapid expansion of business.

Wi-Fi SiteSurveys

We can conduct Wi-Fi site surveys to help with real time scanning into the backend of your ERP.

Our Mission Statement

ASP is a leader in offering our clients lifetime value and support in each of the Technology markets we serve. We actively seek long-term relationships and understand the benefits and obligations these bring. We will strive to make our clients feel at ease when purchasing, implementing or using existing or emerging technologies. This will be achieved by ongoing innovative Research and Development, and using our design and
programming skills to ensure reliable software and hardware solutions are provided that are of the highest quality and are cost effective. All of this will be conducted under honest and ethical business practices.

Our Clients


“ I continue to be impressed… we have 3 locations and we have had to undertake quite a few processes to complete our monthly stock takes. Firstly we had to have all staff stay back for a minimum of 5 hours after work to run a complete store stock take. Then we were informed of a new portable barcode scanner, the Casio DT-X7. Our monthly stock takes are now completed in less than 1 hour… I couldn’t believe how efficient and quick it was to perform a stock take. I never thought it would be possible and I cannot thank you guys enough for introducing us to such a great product and offering the highest level of support.”

Sarah Wilson

Telstra, Operations Manager

“Throughout the development process of the flow control system there have been challenges for ASP. In every case their team has been able to provide a solution to any issue that we have presented them. This system is critical to the day-to-day operations of the DPC and ASP have delivered a system to meet our stringent security requirements, complex movement rules for the various pack types, management and reporting facilities, all in a user friendly intuitive solution. ASP have been an excellent business partner for the ABS. I particularly have enjoyed the relationship that has been developed that extends beyond a contract”.

Paul Lowe

Executive Director, ABS

“We lent ASP two of our Dell PDAs to test against two of their cordless GT10 scanners when operated side-by-side, i.e., that they would “pair” with their correct device. They then demonstrated the equipment in use in their offices just as it would be in our branches. After successful testing, we purchased the two scanners from ASP, but also received at no charge detailed instructions on how to “pair” the devices from scratch. ASP have effectively partnered with us to find a business solution to our stocktaking needs. … This is a company that takes the trouble to know well the details of the products they sell”.

Stephen Harrison

Systems Manager, Holmesglen Institute of TAFE

“We needed to maximise our processes and gain greater efficiencies within our stores through the use of rugged mobile devices which integrated with our Pronto ERP. After a rigorous selection process we partnered with ASP Microcomputers as they understood our pain points and came up with insights about how to solve them with the most intuitive and cost effective solution. The Casio DT-X30 units were the best units on the market and integrated seamlessly with Pronto XI and were very well accepted across all our stores. ASP is there whenever we need them, which isn’t often as the solution is so reliable.”

Shannon Wimhurst

Total Tools, IT Manager

“We have been using the ASP AssetTraq system for auditing our hardware assets for over a year now. We have completed 5 audits with a 96% success find rate. We have over 120 locations currently and over 5,000 hardware assets with bar-coded asset tags, supported by 10 IT site staff who provide hands on IT services to the sites. The system has saved us an enormous amount of time where our IT staff can complete over 90% of the audit simply by scanning barcodes and correcting locations as required. The rest are items we cannot scan in every audit due to the location or unavailability of the equipment (e.g. located at home) or due to travelling staff. I am also very pleased with ASP’s support for a couple of minor customisations to help us with the auditing. Both the scanner guns and the software have been ultra reliable and have not failed at all. The battery life and capacity of the guns is also very good as we are able to load all assets to every gun and then scan complete locations (often multiple) without needing recharge.”


Details of customer available on request

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